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Barbara Deese, CLC

Let’s Work Together to Discover the New You
“How many success stories do you need to read before writing your own?”  (Ryan Secrest, radio and TV host)

Life Transformation Coaching

Feeling stuck, but reluctant to move forward? Afraid of the future because you’re still haunted by the past? Wanting to break out of the mold you’ve been cast in, either by yourself or others?

Take a bold step toward a new you and call me.

Career Discovery

I worked 20 years in management, giving more time and sweat for the betterment of  my employer than to my own family. From there I went on to successfully launch and prosper a small business. As I have continued to grow and develop personally and professionally, I am exploring new frontiers and carving out a new career path. If that resonates with you, call me.

Together we’ll assess your interests, discover your skill set, and identify the career direction or business that fulfills you.

Life Transformation Workshops

Call today to arrange a workshop for your church, civic organization, or place of employment. Popular topics include:  pushing past fear and anxiety, career search and development, out with old habits/in with the new, personal growth and development, burn-out prevention, finding your life purpose, discovering God’s purpose for your life.

Welcome, and Thank You for Stopping By…

Barbara Deese, CLC

I am a seasoned entrepreneur with a 20 year career in management followed by 20 years operating a successful small business. I am also a member of the International Coach Federation, the most recognized association for coaches worldwide, and I am trained and certified by Life Purpose Institute in California.

As your life coach I will partner with you to help you discover your unique gifts and abilities as well as your passions.  I use research conducted by experts in the field of neuroscience and positive psychology, and I implement time-tested assessments and tools successfully used with thousands of clients.

Satisfied, Happy Clients

Consider checking out one of my upcoming workshops, or schedule one for church, civic group, or business!
Barb has a huge heart and a passion for helping others. Debbie G.

Workshop Attendee

I attended one of Barb’s workshops on fear and learned so much! She gave me tools I can use in the real world. I will
put these tools and principles to use as I address my fear of public speaking Jenn R

Workshop Attendee

The tools Barb presented in her workshop were invaluable in helping me reach my goals. Janice M.

Workshop Attendee

Helping You to Make the Changes You Want

If life has not turned out the way you planned or you find yourself at a crossroads, I will show you how to listen to your inner voice, help you discover your life purpose, and develop strategies to move forward.

Put aside the masks you wear in order to meet the expectations of your boss, your clients, your friends and family, and even yourself.



Summer nights. Sitting on the porch in the dark.  Listening to night sounds. The crickets.  The tree frogs.  The distant hoot of an owl. The birds are quiet.  Tucked away in their nests for the night. One traveler, a migrant on his way to another region, sleeps in an...

Transform Yourself

Take a bold step toward a new you and call!


  • Feeling Stuck, but Reluctant to Move Forward?


  • Afraid of the future because your’e still haunted by the past?


  • Wanting to break out of the mold you’ve been cast in, by yourself or others?