The keyboard tray for my desk arrived. The desk I had gotten from Goodwill didn’t have one, and my keyboard took up half of the desk space.

When I opened the box there were only 5 pieces and 6 screws.  Easy enough, I thought. Then I realized that I was going to have to drill holes in the underside of my desk top for the screws to hold the metal rails that the keyboard shelf would slide into.

Drilling the holes wasn’t the problem.  I have a drill that I can operate for simple projects.  The problem was figuring out where to drill the holes so that I would have the rails appropriately spaced.  I crawled under my desk with a tape measurer and marker to measure the spacing for the screws. I measured, and then measured again. Then again. I finally decided that wasn’t going to work.

Laying the 2 rails on the floor, I slid in the keyboard shelf, placed a large piece of paper across the top, and punched tiny holes in the paper where the screws needed to go.  Now I had a template or pattern to follow. I checked the hole placements I had marked again.  Then again. I checked at least twice more.

Crawling back under my desk I taped the template to the underside of my desk. I checked my measurements again. But I still felt unsure of the accuracy of my measurements.

I’ll skip to the end of the story so I can make my point.  I did manage to get the screws in the right place and my keyboard tray works quite well. It took me several hours and a lot of measuring and remeasuring.  You folks who are more handy with tools would have made short work of it as well as those of you who are more confident of your skills.

I realized something about myself that I believe is true for many of you who are reading this.  When I am unsure of myself I spend too much time in preparation.

If you never feel adequately prepared, you always have an excuse to stay where you are.

Are you stuck in a career path or job that is unfulfilling, but you don’t think you have the experience or skills to make a change?

Are you in a toxic relationship that you hope will get better? Are you sensing a call to get involved in a ministry or community outreach but are not sure you’re hearing from God? Are you putting off writing that book, moving to that city, or sending that letter?

What are you trying to avoid?

Here’s the bigger question:

Why are you avoiding it?